Let’s see.

I’ve been in publishing, both online and print, since 1996, so about fourteen years in the business. To some that’s a lot, to others not so much. It’s never the numbers, though, but the quality of experience you build up, and it’s these valuable experiences and the things I’ve learned over the years that I’d like to share to readers of Predator-in-Chief.

Having worked in publishing this l0ng, I’ve also been fortunate enough to gain many friends in the industry, friends who likewise have many stories to share, great advice to shell out, and practical wisdom to impart.  You’ll see them on this blog soon enough.

Predator-in-Chief serves as a catalyst for creativity, a forum for best practice methods, a knowledge base of things related to publishing.  From time to time it will contain the unavoidable rant, but always with the reader’s enlightenment in mind. If  this blog helps fellow industry colleagues perform their jobs better, then it will have fulfilled its purpose.

Who is this doing this?